Mr. Sathasivam V   

09-Feb-2018 | Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu, India

With deep condolences we regrets to inform that Thiru A.Sadhasivam chettiyar aged 81 passed away.

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    ManiShankar 12-Feb-2018

    Miss u grand pa.....

  • guest
    kumar 12-Feb-2018

    We will miss you and you are inspiration to us to donate eyes...

Sabari Rajan on 29-May-2018

Sabari Rajan on 29-May-2018

Desa Kumaaran on 14-Feb-2018

Desa Kumaaran on 14-Feb-2018

kumar  on 12-Feb-2018

kumar on 12-Feb-2018

Ritual Information

Thiru .sadhasivam sharddha ceremony 15 th day ceremony has been planned on 22nd night and 23rd morning of Feb 2018 24-Feb-2018 00:00
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